25 Quick & Easy Keto Snacks

First thing’s first, stay away from the prepackaged snack foods that claim to have “x-amount of net carbs per package!” these usually won’t harm your ketogenic state but they’re made to be just as addicting as typical candy bars and you’re probably going to find it very difficult to have just one during the day.

Instead, it’s a good idea to go with real foods that you prepare yourself so you’ll always know what’s in the stuff you’re eating as well as keeping yourself away from things that will spike your insulin levels thus sparking cravings… typically for sugar!

1 Beef Jerky

This is a personal favorite for just about any keto dieter. It’s easy to eat, easy to carry and it’s pretty darn tasty too! You have to be careful when picking the right brands however because not all of them are created equal. Make sure the sugar content per serving is low and you want to have a low carb count per serving as well, anything within the (1< to 2 carbs per serving) is fine and if you plan on consuming a few servings per day then keeping that carb count extra low is going to serve you well. Always check the labels for nutrition facts before buying anything while on a keto diet.

2 String Cheese

Most variety of string cheese is the same or very similar so just check the backs of all available packaging at your next shopping visit to determine the right brand for you. Keep in mind that you’ll be consuming these snacks on a per-serving basis so the higher the carbohydrate count is the less you’ll be able to consume in order to safely stay within a respectable limit to stay in ketosis.

3 Nuts, Nut Butters & Various Seeds

Things get a little tricky when dealing with this snack food while on the keto diet. Some nuts can be high in carbs such as cashews, peanuts & pistachios so avoid them if you can.

In order to keep your body in acceptable levels of ketosis you need to consume higher fat content with reasonable amounts of protein. Choosing things like macadamia nuts, almonds and even flaxseed or chia will go a long way provided you keep track of your serving sizes on a daily basis.

4 Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been a well known keto friendly snack for a very long time. Just be sure your carb content is within a reasonable limit and if you’re not going to go with a stevia-sweetened version then keep within an acceptable range of sugar. This means low portion sizes with preferably 80% cocoa content or higher.

5 Seaweed Snacks

There are a variety of these, it’s only a matter of shopping around at your local health food store. Just be sure to always check labels and add up carb and sugar totals for the respective daily consumption.

6 Laughing Cow Cheese Wheels

Or any variety of similar cheese products. Just be sure you check labels for the usual culprits. These can be a great snack when you’re in a pinch.

7 Cacao Nibs

A fantastic alternative to chocolate chips. They can give you all the satisfaction just the same with slightly less carbs & sugar. Just be sure to keep your portion control in check with these.

8 Avocados

Sometimes referred to as “natures butter” these things are a fantastic snack with just a little salt & pepper added.

9 Sardines

Here is a zero-carb snack that’s often underrated. Sardines have gotten a bad wrap over their lifetime but have you ever tried one? They’re really not bad at all. Give them a shot, you might be surprised.

10 Pork Rinds

You’ll want to be picky with these as some brands can come packed with a bunch of extras that will rack up your carb and sugar numbers. Look at the backs of each package and choose wisely, some of them can hold little to no carbs, those are your winners!

11 Pepperoni Slices

Stacking these with some cheese can be a fantastic hunger killer in moderation.

12 Iced Coffee

If you don’t like your coffee with nothing added then feel free to mix some full-fat milk in, just be sure you keep portion control in mind as a few cups of this can stack up quick.

13 Kale Chips

It’s a great idea to make these yourself at home so you know just what’s in them but if you’re going to buy them from the store just be sure to check the nutrition facts.

14 Quest Bars

Think of these as a last resort in a pinch, probably while traveling or out at the office or something. They are a low-carb food thanks to how they’re made but you want to consume these sparingly.

15 Low-Carb Bars

Though it’s always a good idea to avoid these when possible, it’s understandable that sometimes you’re in a pinch or you just want to treat yourself. Here are some options to choose from in cases just like these: Low Carb Bars on Google

16 Sugar-Free Jello or Popsicles

These fall into the binge / junk food category of keto snacks. Though they’re safe to consume in moderation, you don’t want to over do it.

17 Macadamia Nuts

Considered at the top of the list for keto friendly nuts, these are a great snack when consumed in moderation.

18 Cherry Tomatoes

Although most people won’t eat these on their own, they can be a great addition in a spinach salad mixed in with a little keto friendly dressing!

19 Olives

Do to the unique taste, these can be a simple way to curb cravings when in a pinch. Just be sure they’re not coated in any other oils besides olive before snacking on these.

20 MCT Oil

Often times known for being an ingredient in ‘bulletproof coffee’ this is a great addition to plenty of other keto dishes. It’s not really something you’d consume on it’s own but if you’re looking for a small energy boost then get your hands on some of this.

21 Veggie Sticks

A quick and easy snack with a crunch! Chop up some keto friendly veggies and eat with home made guacamole or full fat cheese.

22 Bacon

I mean… does this one really need any explanation? Just try to stay away from the maple variety as that can rack up the carbs much quicker.

23 Grass-Fed Beef

Sometimes all you need is a nice serving of this stuff. If you have some leftover or if you’re the type to meal-prep ahead of time then you’re going to find this a quick fix.

24 Fat Bombs

Okay… these are nothing short of fantastic! Just make sure you don’t eat too many because they are delicious. Here is a helpful link to some videos which will show you how to make them yourself from home: Fat Bomb Recipes

25 Pizza & Taco Rolls

The idea with these is to give yourself a small meal replacement in a tasty bite-sized treat! They’re actually really simple to make, there’s a link to give you a few ideas to start with: Keto Pizza Rolls

As always and with anything keto-friendly, be sure to check food labels and watch your portions. Some of these snacks can be pretty great and it might be easy to overdo it on occasion.

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