How To Get Past Keto Sticking Points & Actually Succeed

Let’s jump right in, you’re here to learn ways to get over that hump and we’re here to tell you how it’s done. There are a number of suggestions to help with the process, some of them are rather basic but always work while others might be a bit less obvious… let’s get the show on the road!

Be Prepared!

Yes, it’s possible to be in ketosis by simply eating enough healthy fats while keeping carbs low but you’re probably going to find it difficult to stick to anything you’re not properly prepared for. Although you’re usually better off preparing meals ahead of time, it’s understandable that life isn’t always perfect and sometimes you just need something in a pinch. We’ve got a helpful post with some great ideas to help.

Stop Eating So Much Protein

The ketogenic diet is not a “meat lover’s diet” but is instead a low carb, high fat diet. If you are getting more than 30% of your daily calories from protein then you might be causing your ketone production to slow down or even stop completely which means you’re not in ketosis. Make sure to track your protein intake vs fat consumption so you’re getting proper levels of both in order to maximize your ketone production and see the results you’re after.

You Might Be Eating Too Many Calories

Although it’s true that in most cases you’re just not going to have to track calories because your body will start to self-regulate, you still might find this not the case if you’re not doing things quite right. This is most commonly the case (if it happens at all) within the first 1 to 3 weeks on a brand new keto diet) so don’t worry about it too much if you find it’s happened to you. There is a solution and it’s quite easy enough to implement. Make sure you’re getting enough water, follow the proper keto macronutrient suggestions of 60% – 70% calories from fat, 15% – 30% calories from protein and 5% – 10% calories from carbs and you should start to find that your body will gradually begin to regulate its own hunger. Reaching a state of satiation from eating this way is a natural thing and though it might take a few weeks for your body to fully adapt, if you stick with it things should level out for you. If you find it necessary to portial control then sticking to a reasonable level of calories per day for your own body composition will always work in the end.

Too Many Keto Junk Foods!

Yeah, just like with any other type of junk foods it’s possible to overdo it on the keto variety too. It’s important to track your macronutrients and keep your carb intake to your target level. When starting out it’s typically around the 20g of carbs per day level but can usually be pushed all the way up to 50g of carbs for most people if you find that 20 is just too difficult. One of the keystones of a proper keto diet is eating whole-foods. This means cooking your own meals in many cases, including your snacks. Sure, it takes more time but once you have your routine set it’s not as time consuming as it might seem. You have tons of help out there in the form of recipes and guides, complete with shopping lists and tips to speed up the process to better suit your busy schedule.

Not Eating Enough Fat

Unless you’re on the keto diet this one is going to sound all types of backwards to you. It’s absolutely vital for your success on a ketogenic diet to consume the right amount of fat per day as part of your daily calorie intake. If you don’t then you stand a chance of not entering ketosis and your body will probably feel sluggish, complete with a heavy dose of brain fog that could last weeks if you don’t get your macronutrients right. Watch out for this one because on a ketogenic diet, fat is your friend if it’s coming from whole foods.

Stopping Once The Keto Flu Strikes

It’s something to be expected when making the transition between burning carbs as fuel to burning fat. Typically beginning just a few days after you start the keto diet you may experience fatigue, brain fog, headaches and even mood swings. As a helpful guide, we’ve come up with some ways to help overcome the keto flu in less time, in some cases possibly avoiding some of the harder symptoms altogether… check it out here: The Keto Flu & You

Social Eating Is Taking A Tole

Sometimes going out on a date, or spending time with friends or birthday parties and the like can sneak up on you and kick you out of ketosis. It might sound weird at first but there’s no shame in asking for low carb options when out at a restaurant or even some fast food places. Doing a bit of homework upfront never hurt either. Look for keto friendly items or custom combinations to ask for the next time you’re out of the home and need to grab a bite to eat. If something looks like it’s probably not keto friendly then it probably isn’t.

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