Black Coffee: A Keto Friendly Kick of Energy

Lots of us enjoy a cup of roasted coffee beans now and then, in many cases multiple times a day! The problem is that most of us don’t really enjoy black coffee with practically none of the sweet stuff added, and who can blame anyone for that? There are a few things you can do in order to help develop a richer appreciation for coffee in it’s darker form and we’re going to cover that right now.

Keep It Clean

Although coffee won’t make a terrible mess in most cases, it’s important to keep your brewer clean of residue as that will taint the flavor over time in a very unpleasant way. Coffee is bitter enough as it is and there’s just no reason to enhance that quality of it further. Depending on your model of coffee maker you’re going to have to go about the cleaning process in a different way.

It’s not something you have to do often, it will depend on how frequently you use your coffee maker too. However, if you find yourself not using it very frequently then it’s still a good idea to wash it out and give it a thorough cleaning at least once per month bare minimum, preferably twice.

Sample Your Coffee Options

Don’t be afraid to try the different brands of coffee available to you until you find the one that tickles your taste buds the best. Once you remove the sweeteners and creamers you’re going to find that the flavor of the coffee bean is going to count for much more. Taking away all the extras is going to reveal the true flavor and aroma of the bean so finding which one works best for you will become important.

Narrow down your choices to a select favorite and feel free to rotate between them at your whim. Sometimes allowing a slight variety between various coffee grounds can be a fantastic way to keep the first beverage of the day from becoming a chore. Just be sure to check labels on any and all coffee you purchase and be sure your per-serving macro nutrients fall within acceptable range for a keto diet.

Give Bulletproof Coffee A Shot

You might have heard of this before but perhaps aren’t yet familiar with what it is. Basically, it’s a blend of a few key ingredients which help to satiate your need for coffee as well as food in many cases. The only ingredients needed are as follows:

  • Black Coffee
  • MCT Oil
  • Butter (usually unsalted)

You’re typically going to want to throw it all into a blender or use one of those hand-wand blenders in a big enough mug and blend it all together until the mix is completely liquid in one solid color. You can technically just toss it all into a mug and stir it with a spoon but that won’t blend all the ingredients together as we are dealing with fat and oil (also fat) so these things just won’t mix unless you force them to with a blender.

If you’d like to see examples of bulletproof coffee and how to easily make it then head over to YouTube and search for “bulletproof coffee” or “how to make bulletproof coffee” and you’ll get back tons of video examples of what it is, why it works and how to make it at home. It’s actually pretty tasty and often times helps to curb hunger on top of the splendid boost of energy it tends to give once you drink it.

Ditch Sugar & Sweeteners

Yes, this means even those artificial sweeteners as they will often times induce an insulin response in your body which is what we’re trying to avoid by drinking black coffee in the first place.

Not everybody will be able to do this all at once and if you find yourself in that campe of having to take it slow then don’t worry about it, just take your time and reduce the sugar intake gradually over time. Drinking coffee without anything sweet in it at all is quite a different experience so you can’t be expected to just jump right in most of the time. Although, the sooner you can ditch the sweets, the better off you’ll be.

Something you can do in replacement of sugar and artificial sweeteners is to use vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon or unsweetened cacao powder. Though it won’t taste the same as sugar it will help your taste buds to better ignore the full flavor of the coffee with each sip.

Add A Little Salt

It seems like an odd thing to try but salt is used in many sweet treats. There’s something unique which happens when you taste something bitter that’s mixed with salt, the mind tends to combine the two and tricks your tongue into thinking it’s tasting something semi-sweet even though there’s nothing sweet at all.

The best way to go about this when just starting out is to have a few servings of coffee ready, use a smaller glass or something to test with and add tiny pinches of salt until the coffee tastes how you like it best. Once you get the hang of this you will know exactly how much salt is right for you and you can reach for the salt shaker instead of the sugar dispenser when having that cup of coffee.

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