Why Keto Cheating Isn’t The End Of The World

The concept of “cheat days” is mixed between two camps, those who feel you shouldn’t and those who wholeheartedly endorse it. There are plenty of reasons to splurge on non-keto foods be it special occasions, social events and maybe even just a rainy day. It can be difficult for some of us to ignore those urges but there’s still hope, just keep reading on.

Doing The Deed

One of the indicators for most of us that we’ve taken the carb consumption too far is the “carb hangover” which a lot of people experience while a lucky few simply don’t. Though your body may not be in ketosis if you practice regular cheat-days (usually on a weekly basis) you’ll still get a lot of benefit by eating a keto diet with bare minimal non-keto days.

Once you’ve eaten too many carbs to refuel your body’s glycogen stores you’re going to kick yourself out of ketosis which will then force you to have to go through the process of getting back into ketosis all over again. This can be an annoying process if you don’t mean to do it, but if it’s part of the plan then there’s not much need to sweat it.

If you happen to eat one too many carbs on a given day then keep your cool and just get right back on track the next day. It happens to us all and you don’t have to beat yourself up over it. The sooner you correct corse the sooner you’ll be back in the zone.

Where’s The Urge To Cheat Come From

From cravings to sugar to just simple and poor eating habits you need to overcome, there are different options to choose from, who knows, maybe you’ve struggled with a few or even all of them! It can be hard breaking old habits but learning to replace them with new & better ones is going to help you succeed on a keto diet in the long run.

Going out of your way to remove yourself from certain situations where you know the wrong foods will show up could become necessary until you learn to curb those urges to eat stuff that’s not keto-friendly.

It takes time to ditch old habits while forming new ones, understand that it’s all a process and just because you don’t get it right the first time around (or even the 2nd or 3rd time) doesn’t mean you’re not still making progress. You have to know that you’ll get there provided you truly do have the desire to do so.

Remind Yourself Why You Started

What’s the end-goal of starting this whole ketogenic thing? Where did you see yourself ending up by the end of it all after you’ve earned your success? Did you come into this knowing you would have to put the effort in, or did you think it was going to just ‘work like magic’? These questions and so many more are going to help remind you of why you’re here, what you can expect in the future and most importantly, if it’s worth all the effort to you in order to get where you aim to be.

If you have to seek support from other keto dieters just like you then do it. There are tons of groups on social platforms like Facebook where you can share inspiration and help keep yourself accountable to yourself.

Writing down goals and getting yourself in the right mindset until it becomes habit is going to go a long way. After a while you’ll find that you won’t even have to try anymore, eating in a keto friendly way will just become second nature to you.

Your Relationship With Food

So many of us follow the ‘live to eat’ slogan when the reverse is where we need to be. Eating to live is important, we all need the appropriate nutrition in order to live out our healthy and best lives. The word ‘habit’ is mentioned a lot because it’s true that you will need to form new habits, better ones while ditching the old ones. Develop a new outlook on the role food plays in your life, take trips to the store and see all those options in a new light.

It will take some time to feel these changes in you but they’ll help to curb your cheating days while on a ketogenic diet. Eventually the goal might be to not even want to have those carb filled cheat days at all.

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