A Few Simple Steps Any Keto Beginner Should Take Before Starting

Starting on a keto diet can be difficult for many of us given it’s such a big departure from the standard American diet which consist largely of high carb, processed foods. Something so drastically changed often requires a bit of prep-work in order to get ready for the long road ahead to better ensure your success. There are a few easy steps you can take right away in order to do this keto diet thing the right way and here they are.

Know The Foods To Eat & Avoid

We’ve put together a 25 Day Keto Diet Challenge which helps guide beginners through the process of starting on a keto diet. There are delicious recipes to follow, shopping lists and helpful extras to get you tracking your results.

Take some time to browse around online for guides and lists which offer keto friendly food lists. You want to keep track of carb counts, protein counts and of course fats. The ketogenic diet is a low carb, HIGH fat diet which means you’re going to be consuming a large portion of your daily calories from high quality fats preferably.

Get Familiar With How Your Body Responds To Fat

Some people get used to eating a very low fat diet and often times report feeling “heavy” or sluggish when starting out on a keto diet. This usually balances out over a short period of time as you transition from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel. Sometimes there might be more frequent trips to the restroom for a couple weeks (or longer) but it’s all part of the expected transitional phase when entering a state of ketosis from a low carb, high fat diet.

Learn To Make Bulletproof Coffee & Like It

When starting out you’re bound to run into those sluggish days as you are adjusting to burning fat for energy. Brain fog, low energy days are common within the first couple weeks of starting a keto diet which means you’ll benefit well from a high energy cup of bulletproof coffee. It’s a blend of black coffee, butter and MCT oil all blended together (not mixed or stirred but blended) until you reach the right consistency to drink.

Plenty of people love the taste of a properly prepared cup of this coffee and the burst of energy is well worth the effort when just getting a new day started!

Talk To Those Around You Who Might Get In The Way

Let them know of the importance and benefits you aim to gain from embarking on this keto journey. It’s easy for folks around you to forget you’re on your own track and they might tempt you into drifting off your appropriate diet plan, don’t let this happen. It’s much easier to keep on track when those around you are in support for the cause.

Know & Expect The Side Effects

The biggest one of them all which is a sort of umbrella for the combination of smaller side effects is called the “keto flu” and it’s going to hit you anywhere from mild to wild. A short while ago we’ve come up with some great ideas to help just about anybody overcome the keto flu, or at the very least lessen its effects. Take a look at the keto flu and you guide to get a handful of ideas. Alternatively, there is another helpful post we’ve created to give even more ideas for getting past those annoying sticking points when just starting out on a keto diet. They’re all very practical suggestions that anyone can implement right away so give it a look for yourself.

Keep Those Electrolyte Levels High Enough

One of the biggest causes for headaches and an overall sluggish feeling while adapting to a keto diet is lacking electrolytes. While in ketosis your kidneys tend to flush more water and electrolytes go with it. For that reason it’s a good idea to be sure you’re getting enough sodium and potassium. There are various products on the market to help with this but you could always just salt your food within reason, drink salted bone broth and eat non starchy veggies.

Mark Your Goal And Stick To It

Figure out just how much weight you want to shed on this diet. Decide what sort of physical condition you’d like to reach while your body is going through positive changes and get everything on track and then stay there for as long as it’s necessary.

There are two camps when it comes to a ketogenic diet and they are “it’s temporary” and “it’s sustainable” meaning you can choose to use a keto diet as a tool that you’ll stop when it’s not needed any longer. Alternatively, you could remain on a keto based lifestyle indefinitely in order to continue getting the benefits that come from eating this way. It’s totally up to you!

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