The Most Common Reasons Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight On A Keto Diet: And How To Fix It!

You’ve started your journey on the ketogenic road and your hopes are high and the willingness to stick to it is there but where are those results at though? It seems that things just aren’t working and you’re frustrated but fret-not… there is still hope and we’re going to discuss how right now.

You Don’t Realize The Fat Is Coming Off

This one is at the top of the list because of how incredibly common it is. Weight loss is not all about what numbers you see on a scale but instead your body composition. Days will come and go where you’ll step on the scale and it’s going to almost lie to you. One day it’s up and the next it’s down but the thing to always keep in the back of your mind is that your body is going to constantly be in a state of change. Some days you’ll retain more water than others and that’s going to force the scale to go up. The very next couple of days all that excess water could be gone and you’ll see that reflected on the scale too!

Don’t be worried too much about what the scale says if you are sticking to your diet plan and know it. Pay more attention to your measurements, get yourself a measuring tape and track your progress on a weekly basis, not daily. Pay attention to how your clothes are fitting, look at yourself in the mirror and give serious consideration to how you feel when you look at yourself for all these types of things are much greater indications of how you’re doing, not what the scale says.

You’ve Cut The Carbs, Just Not Quite Enough!

It’s understandable that for some of us reading this right now cutting back on carbs to the point you’re only eating about 20 to 50 grams per day is hard! The thing is, you’ve got to pay close attention in the beginning so you know how much your body can handle while still maintaining weight loss. It’s so easy to go overboard when you’re not monitoring your progress so for the first few weeks on a keto diet be sure you’re keeping your carb count super low and then gradually step them up only a handful of extra carbs per every few days until you start to notice your results stalling, or you’re possibly gaining weight instead of losing it.

Are You Stressing Out All The Time?

This is one many people overlook because it just seems like a non-important factor, but it’s quite important. When your stress levels are up your body is in a constant state of “fight or flight” which means your cortisol levels are higher and that has been shown to stung weight loss. Not only that, it also causes you to want to reach for those unhealthy foods for comfort which we know is not the best idea when following a ketogenic diet.

Do what you can to keep your stress at manageable levels. Get your exercise in, manage your work life and keep your free time light and fun when possible. Relaxation and sleep are incredibly important, even if you don’t manage to get much of it, you can still get a higher quality of sleep when you keep your stress levels down.

You’re Eating Too Many Fake Foods

Sounds strange, right? A proper ketogenic diet requires you to consume ‘real foods’ and all that means is stuff that isn’t processed and prepackaged. You just do not know what’s in those plastic bags and cardboard boxes. Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients on those labels? The stuff on those labels requires a degree in chemistry to understand what half the stuff printed on it sometimes says!

Things like meats, fish, eggs and other healthy, low-carb fats are all great. Leafy green veggies, some other various veggies will do the job too. The more you do your own cooking and meal prep, the better your results will be because you know exactly what you’re eating, there is no guesswork needed.

You’re Snacking On Too Many Nuts

We get it, they’re a delicious snack and they’re also so easy to overdo when you’re not paying attention. Just a handful of almonds for example could have upwards of 70% of its calories coming from fat, which is fine but just imagine what that’s going to do when you want to keep your daily fat intake to about 70% of your total calories per day. On top of that, it’s so easy to just keep popping one after the other until you’ve eaten half a full container and then it’s too late, you’ve piled those calories up which will have to be burned off over the course of the next few days. Not only that, a variety of nuts have fairly high carb counts so you could very well kick yourself out of ketosis if you’re not careful. You don’t have to eliminate them completely but you will at the very least want to figure out where they fit into your daily caloric and carb intake and stick to a balance.

You Aren’t Sleeping Enough Each Night

Sleep is extremely important as this is the time of your day where the body goes into repair mode. It’s where all of your internal process work overtime and make those adjustments as needed. A lack of sleep often results in higher levels of stress which is something we covered in a point above. If you are experience severe bouts of insomnia it may be in your best interest to seek medical help. In order to do your part and sleep as best you can, you might want to mind a few of these tips:

  • Sleep in a dark room
  • Skip Caffeine after 2-3pm
  • Do something boring or relaxing before bed
  • Avoid alcohol before bed
  • Don’t do any physical exercise a few hours before bed
  • Try sticking to a bedtime each night

You’re going to have to probably work on a few of the suggestions above if you find you’ve developed any poor-sleep habits. The important takeaway from this is that it’s possible to undo bad habits over time, don’t worry too much if you know you have things to work on and just aren’t getting results right away. Stick with it and keep up the good work and then it’ll pay off when you get the hang of it. Sleeping is a habit as well as something we just naturally do. We all struggle with so many distractions these days that it’s easy to get swept up in our own thoughts as we stare at an alarm clock or our phones. Learning better sleeping habits goes a long way.

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