How A Keto Diet Affects Libido

The big reasons people start on their keto journey are things we all know and hear about. Fewer cravings, weight loss, better blood work results, improved mood and just an overall better sense of health. Something that’s not often discussed is the effect it might have in one direction or the other for your libido… yes, that’s your sex drive. Sometimes folks report a boost in libido, that their drive is higher and they may even feel a bit more “frisky” compared to a time before they’ve started their keto diet. Others might report the opposite during the first portion of becoming keto-adapted, which does make sense for a few reasons. Keep on reading because we’re going to go over those reasons why and much more.

What Is Libido Anyways

Basically it’s the fancy word which describes one’s sex drive and the urge or even desire for it. There are a number of factors which go into one’s libido, how you feel what you feel and when you feel it. In order to understand how keto can affect your sex drive it’s important to have a grasp on what drives your drive, so let’s do that now.

  • Your age
  • Your general health
  • Sex hormones
  • Stress levels
  • Social influences
  • Body image

Your sex drive is determined by both internal as well as external factors. It’s the balance between the pair which will determine the state you’re in and whether or not you’ll be in a relaxed enough state to feel those desires. It’s because of the ever-changing details for each one of the factors involved you can always assume your libido will fluctuate on a nearly daily basis.

Your Keto Diet & Libido

There is no debate that your diet is one of the most important factors in overall health. It’s influential on many aspects including your sex drive as hormones are a big part of determining how you feel. One typical example is how a poor diet which may eventually lead to type 2 diabetes may also lower testosterone which is a hormone that regulates sex drive in both men and women.

Your body isn’t dumb, it knows when something is wrong just as it knows when things are going alright. Keeping yourself happy and healthy with a proper ketogenic diet (or any diet in general) will result in an overall sense of wellbeing which can give positive influence to the libido. Given that most of what you’ll find on this subject fall under the anecdotal, we can still run with one simple assumption. Anything that helps improve your health will often times cause a noticeable bump in sex drive. Since the keto diet lends itself to many health related benefits you’re bound to see an increased libido in a fairly short period of time, usually just a couple of weeks in fact.

Keto Libido Theories

Without much study done on this subject a lot of what’s out there can still be considered theory. The good news is that despite this little detail it’s easy to test for yourself how a keto diet might affect your sex life and you can decide for yourself if the hype surrounding this is true or just propaganda.

Keto Balances Hormones

Sticking to a keto diet helps keep your insulin from spiking which yields blood glucose levels. This is something that’s linked to both men and women yet affects each in slightly different ways. Maintaining a steady level of glucose and insulin lends itself to improved levels of sex hormones which of course can help improve that drive and desire.

Keto Enhances Mood

Once you manage to get over the keto-flu hump and actually start to feel more like yourself again you’re going to probably experience a general sense of overall improvement to your mood. Studies have shown that keto helps to address mood issues like GABA deficiency, poor mitochondrial function and lower serotonin. It also helps to alleviate oxidative stress, reduce inflammation- often times in drastic ways, and of course improve insulin resistance. When you feel better your confidence rises and this lends itself a brighter mood.

Nutrient Deficiencies on Keto

The keto flu has been mentioned earlier which is the time in which you’re bound to notice a dip in your libido. This makes perfect sense since it’s uncommon for most people to feel energetic or “sexy” enough to want to engage in the act. Since the keto flu often times exhibits similar symptoms to the actual flu you’re not going to find yourself with an intact libido.

Your electrolytes are affected in a big way while you adapt to a keto diet. One of the main electrolytes which are particularly important for sex drive, magnesium tends to be impacted greatly. It’s usually suggested to supplement your missing electrolytes while adapting to a ketogenic way of eating. Though you may still experience the keto flu which will inevitably negatively impact your libido you might be able to reduce the symptoms and possibly even skip over a few of them entirely.

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