He Lost 84 LBS

He was choking back tears of frustration when the doctor once again told him — AGAIN — about how much danger his weight was putting him in.

Rob Brown tried everything! The scale just wouldn’t budge or he would quit days later.

He tried many diets and sometimes he would see a bit of weight loss, but then he’d gain it all back in a weekend of bad choices. “I just kept blowing weeks of hard work in a couple days…” he told us. 🙁

Every trip he made to the doctor got scarier but it still didn’t help him to find a way to lose weight without some type of agonizing diet.

Nothing really worked for him until he stumbled on our challenge that he almost didn’t try because it seemed too easy and too good to be true…

Within 6 days of starting this simple challenge he could SEE changes in the mirror. And in 3 weeks he had lost so much weight that his momentum was unstoppable…

In 3 weeks he lost 27 lbs…

In 3 months he lost 84 lbs

Over a year later… he has not gained back an ounce!…

Check out these SHOCKING pics he snapped…

YES! Same guy!! (notice the arm band tattoo?)

Remember… the simple trick Rob used to win his life back is so EASY that he decided to share with us exactly how he did it.

=> How Peter lost 84 lbs and has now kept it off over a year!

His 3 Step Process

“I started gaining weight in college. Too Much Beer. And it didn’t stop, sitting at a desk job all day, going out to dinner ever night. I packed on the pounds. I knew something had to change. My friend recommended this 25 Day Keto Challenge and Keto Infinite to me. I suddenly had energy again! I started taking the stairs at work. Biking on the weekend. I’ve been using it for 18 months now – and let me tell you – I’m back baby! ”

STEP 1. Appetite control 
In all my previous attempts I could not get a grip on my eating habits. I was an Emotional eater who could not curb my eating habits. This is where Keto Infinite Changed my life. I learned very quickly that it helps to control your eating habits by stimulating the production of enzymes that suppress cravings for some specific types of foods. The chemical serotonin also helps to correct emotional imbalances that cause you to consume food due to escalating emotional situations. This really helped me to stop binge eating.

Step 2. Stop the Formation of Fat 
By adding in the Keto Infinite with a keto diet described in the 25 day challenge I was able to reduce my waistline. Keto Infinite suppresses the ability of the liver to convert energy into fat and diverts the necessary calories to efforts of building up a lean body with healthy muscles. By also reducing the amount of carbs I ate, my results started to show immediately, and my body was burning fat much faster.

Step 3. Well being 
I was once using food as an attempt to escape feelings of stress and depression. The BHB extract in Keto Infinite has compounds that lift your mood and improve your general wellbeing, reducing the likelihood of you slipping into stress and crash feeding tendencies.

The BHB contained in Keto Infinite has been under study for over a decade now. It provides an effective natural remedy to the problem of weight loss and comes at an affordable price. However, some classes of individuals could experience potential negative effects, for example pregnant women. Check with your doctor to get a go ahead before deciding to use the product. To lose weight quickly with Keto Infinite, you must use it at the correct intervals and in the appropriate amounts.


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Keto Infinite is the absolute best!I can hit the club and not be embarassed anymore. My bff actually gave it to me – it worked wonders for her. I didn’t really like the idea of taking it – but I can’t deny the results. I look smoking!”

Shawna Mathers
New York, NY


“I needed something to help me boost my energy and start to lose weight. I’d tried dozens of other supplements, and none of them worked. Keto Infinite did. Thanks so much!”

Joanna Clayton
Austin, TX


“Obese. That’s what the doc said. He said if I didn’t change I’d be Morbidly Obese. So stopped eating big macs and started out by walking. But it wasn’t really enough to undo the damage. Then I found Keto Infinite. So I found it online and ordered it. I figured, it was worth a shot. I’m glad I did. It jumpstarted my weight loss! I started shedding the weight. I’m down 60 pounds after just 9 months! Thank you Keto Infinite – you really saved my life!”

Gerri Winters
Philadelphia, PA


“Thank God I didn’t didn’t pass on this offer. Keto Infinite has me back to the strong confident me I used to know. My love life has improved and so has my health. I love it.”

Charlie Johnson
Seattle, WA


“I have had amazing success using Keto Infinite. My friend suggested I start using it after I mentioned something about needing to lose weight. And man, it has been a life changer! My husband and I both thank you! “

Carla Headers
Denver, CO


“I have been using Keto Infinite feeling amazing!”

Simon De La Cruz
Houston, TX


“There’s a lot of stigma around weight loss – especially supplements – for guys. I felt a little weird about taking something, but the wife insisted. She and I are both very pleased with the results! Thank you Keto 6!”

Trent Baker
Miami, FL

Step 1:

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