Health Conditions We’re Certain Keto WON’T Help You With: Based On Research

The concept of using food as medicine in order to keep your health in tip-top shape is as old as dieting itself and for good reason too. The keto diet was initially developed to help children who suffer with epilepsy as the high-fat diet seems to have a very positive effect on brain activity and health. Not only that but it’s also been shown to have very positive effects with other conditions which we’ve outlined for you ( right here ).

That being said however, there are certain conditions which have been shown to have no real positive effect while on a keto diet and we’re going to list these for you right now so that you too can be ‘in the know’.

Type 1 Diabetes

Folks who live with this type of diabetes are dependent upon insulin. As with any and all of the following conditions listed in this article… if you are working closely with a doctor who is very familiar with keto and its effects on the body and they advise you to give keto a try then it’s between you and your doctor to work out those details. However, do to the nature of ketogenesis on the body those who live with type 1 diabetes may struggle with low blood sugar do to this diets limiting carbohydrate requirements.

Non-Binge Eating Disorders

If you struggle with some form of eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia then the keto diet is not likely to do anything to correct for that. It’s not a good idea to follow a keto diet as it’s an extremely restrictive one and those who are currently living with an eating disorder should put addressing their disorder at the top of the list in hopes of changing things for the better before deciding to give the ketogenic diet a try.

(BED) or Binge-Eating Disorder

On the other side of the coin, for those who do struggle with a binge related disorder will also find sticking to a keto diet very difficult as the restrictive nature directly conflicts with this sort of disorder which can result in more harm being done to the body than good. Although there are varying degrees of this disorder, on the far end of the spectrum those who deal with severe BED might find success on a keto diet for a while only to abruptly fall back into old binge eating ways. This will result in a sort of yo-yo dieting which has been shown to be hard on the body as well as having poor psychological effects.

Gallbladder Removed

If you’ve had your gallbladder removed then you’re probably going to have a pretty rough time on the keto diet as it’s focus is on high fat intake and the gallbladder is essential in the digestion of fat in higher quantities. You’re going to need to speak with a medical professional before doing any sort of ketogenic dieting if you decide that you’re still set on doing this. It may be possible to successfully thrive on a keto diet without that bile reservoir but you might have a harder time than someone who’s gallbladder is still intact, sorry about that.

Thyroid Disorder

If you are living with a thyroid disorder you will have to proceed with caution if considering a ketogenic diet. This is do to some evidence that while in ketosis there can be suppression of the T3 hormone, although the word is still out on this and conflicting opinions in the medical field do exist. It’s better to play it safe on this one and work with a doctor while on a keto diet if you are living with a thyroid disorder such as hyperthyroidism as they will need to monitor your levels during your diet.

(MS) Multiple Sclerosis

There has been speculation that keto could possibly be used to help treat MS do to it’s positive effects on some neurodegenerative diseases, but research has been lacking in this field. In December of 2015 the Multiple Sclerosis International journal noted that some test tube and animal related studies have suggested a keto diet may help the function of mitochondria and thus boost ATP production which in theory preserves brain function while slowing the process of MS but these are still inconclusive.

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