Which is better paleo or keto?

These two diets are known for being very similar yet boast a handful of striking differences, the biggest difference being the way your body metabolizes the food you eat and the primary source of fuel (fat vs carbs) essentially. Although the paleo diet tends to be on the lower end of the carb scale it’s not low enough to put your body into ketosis which is why we’re going to determine which of these two diets would be a better fit for you as they’re both great but not a single way of eating is “one size fits all”.

The Keto Way

Ketosis is the state in which your body essentially burns fat for fuel. This requires you to go through a metabolic transitional stage which can often times mean having to deal with the keto flu. Once you get through that annoying stage your body is much more efficient in processing fat as your primary source of fuel. In order to accomplish this there is a very strict diet plan and some would even argue a lifestyle change you must undergo. Your daily carbohydrate consumption must be kept within your respected limit to maintain a keto state and in doing so you’re going to see weight loss if you have excess weight to shed. In many cases that weight loss will be rapid and fairly constant until you reach your natural plateau.

The Paleo Way

This is known as the diet of our ancestors, it’s designed to closely mimic the way humans ate back before the days of processed foods and “food products” which in itself is a pretty great idea and has been shown to deliver wonderful results when you decide to stick with it for any length of time. While avoiding man made food and sticking to whole natural foods this diet tends to have similar effects on the body when compared to keto. Reduced inflammation, improved digestive performance, higher energy levels and much clearer thinking do to a lifting of brain fog.

Some Key Differences

One of the biggest differences is that keto allows for limited quantities of milk while the paleo diet ditches it entirely. The reason paleo does this is for the high sugar content found inside of milk and paleo is all about ditching that.

Another thing to note is that paleo actually lets you use natural sweeteners such as honey or coconut sugar which are high in carbs, you of course can’t do that on keto. Additionally, paleo does encourage the consumption of carb heavy veggies and fruits which again are too high in carbs for a keto diet.

A Super Quick Breakdown

If you are looking to follow a diet plan that’s going to help you lose weight and do it quickly then you’re probably better off going with keto. Sure, a paleo diet will also help in this but at a far slower rate and you’ll most likely plateau much quicker and at a higher weight than if on a keto diet.

If you wish to stomp those cravings out and no longer be a slave to the whims of sugar then keto is absolutely going to help you with that where the paleo diet simply won’t. Sure, both choices will inevitably help you to adjust your eating habits, they’ll each help curb those cravings as your tastes change over time but do to the fact you’re still eating sugar in its pure form on paleo where as keto breaks this do to it’s requirements, going keto is the sure way to break most cravings, sugar and otherwise.

Do to the nature of a ketogenic diet on the body with respect to how your body burns fat as fuel, it’s argued that when in ketosis you have a more sustainable energy source which burns slower but stronger. People who follow a keto diet tend to report having tons of extra energy that seems to almost never fizzle out throughout the day. Do to this, it’s an excellent diet for athletes to follow who need that boost and sustained endurance to maximize performance.

The paleo diet on the other hand does allow for more food options so if you are somebody who absolutely needs this in their life and knows they’d only deviate from the keto path before long then going paleo may be the best choice for you!

So Which One Is Better?

There really is no definitive answer to this because it’s a matter of personal preference and individual needs. Some people can’t even follow a keto diet and be healthy do to certain medical conditions in which case the paleo diet would serve them best.

Something you could try is going with the keto diet first and give it a solid month then decide if it’s for you. If you feel you can stick with it then you’d be well off doing so. If you are just absolutely miserable on a keto diet (of you can’t follow it for medical reasons) then the paleo diet is the safety net you can fall back on.

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